This photo is from 2008…


  • Weight 12/12   (success!)
  • Production 4/12   (1 up!)
  • Acting 2/12   (same…for now!)
  • Weddings 1/12   (staying steady)
  • Reading ?/12   (I’ve essentially given up on tracking this one. See last post.)

Woohoo! I reached my goal for weight loss! Although, I will say, it was only for a day. My weight fluctuates pretty easily, so I wasn’t surprised that I’d reached the 12lb goal last Wednesday, then gained another 2 pounds by Thursday. The most rewarding thing is that I have a new mindset about fitness and wellness. And I do Zumba now!

I’ve been slacking on the photography front. Womp womp…Good thing I’m doing these check ins! Gotta put the fire under my butt again!

But right now, I am le tired…