This photo is from 2008…


  • Weight 12/12   (success!)
  • Production 4/12   (1 up!)
  • Acting 2/12   (same…for now!)
  • Weddings 1/12   (staying steady)
  • Reading ?/12   (I’ve essentially given up on tracking this one. See last post.)

Woohoo! I reached my goal for weight loss! Although, I will say, it was only for a day. My weight fluctuates pretty easily, so I wasn’t surprised that I’d reached the 12lb goal last Wednesday, then gained another 2 pounds by Thursday. The most rewarding thing is that I have a new mindset about fitness and wellness. And I do Zumba now!

I’ve been slacking on the photography front. Womp womp…Good thing I’m doing these check ins! Gotta put the fire under my butt again!

But right now, I am le tired…



Aaaaaaalrighty! So where are we, Vivi?

  • Weight 9/12   (5 up!)
  • Production 3/12   (1 up!)
  • Acting 2/12   (1 up!)
  • Weddings 1/12   (1 up!)
  • Reading ?/12   (what’s uuup!)

As you can see, I have yet to figure out how the whole reading thing ties into it all. “Twelve minutes of reading a day” doesn’t seem to be a good way for me track my reading. I could say I definitely read at least 12 minutes a day…if you count all those BuzzFeed posts and other random internet articles.

I do highly recommend everyone subscribe to The Skimm if you are interested in keeping up with current events. I’m not that great at keeping up with what’s going on in the world, but The Skimm is great! I would consider this my 12 minutes a day, but again, it’s hard to keep track of the timing.

How’s everyone else doing? Let me know in the comments!

What am I trying to prove?

Jiggle while Jogging

11025989_649772574931_4006642207877628720_nThe scene:  Gold’s Gym at 9:30am.  We had just finished up an hour long BodyPump class, lead by James.  Wearing my walking cast, I bobbled my way to put away my gear and clean off my mat.  While around the corner, I heard the following conversation on the other side of the wall:

1. “Did you see that woman wearing the cast?  Is she crazy or something?”

2. “Really.  Who is she trying to impress?  What is she trying to prove?”

1.  “Desperate for attention.”

There was more being said, but they were walking away, and I stayed in the back room, hidden and suddenly ashamed.  I felt sick.  Hurt.

It didn’t take me long to be able to move past the experience.  Much like I tell Alyssa frequently:  People who direct mean comments your way are often either intimidated by you or jealous that you have something they want…

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“What are you doing?!”

You know that thought. That slimy, unattractive though that creeps into your mind every now and then with a deflating presence.

What am I doing?

It’s such a loaded question, or at least it’s always been for me. My closest friends know that every 4-6 months I will have somewhat of a mini-life crisis where I’m constantly questioning what the hell I’m doing with my life.

I’d like to address that thought this morning (with more poise than I’d truly like to deliver).

Dear Confusing Thought, 

Go dunk yourself.

Sincerely, Vivi.

johnson boys part one-82
(this photo I took of my brother-from-another-mother Zach works well here)

Creating a Habit

I don’t want this blog to turn into posts only regarding the gym and working out and healthy foods, but let me tell you that being healthy has never been a routine for me until now. So, if I talk about my health achievements more than my business achievements, it’s only because I have the confidence to get business work done, but have/had very little confidence in ever being fit or adopting a truly healthy lifestyle.

That being said! Tomorrow will mark 5 weeks of my gym routine! Go me!

Five is the highest number of consecutive weeks that I’ve kept up a fitness regimen. My favorite part about it all is how much I actually want to go to the gym now. I’m serious! It’s crazy! This weekend, I realized I created a habit for myself. Or I changed a bad habit into a good habit.

Whatever it is, I don’t want it to stop…but not stopping is up to me.

I guess all of this resolution stuff is really just creating or changing your habits. Not taking care of my body was/is a bad habit. Not being proactive enough about my work was/is a bad habit. The reason we (or I) want to change these habits is because I know it’s not healthy to live otherwise. It’s just not healthy to eat a bag of chips in one sitting or to procrastinate on work and stress until the last minute (I’m still working on this one).

I’m sure it takes a while to fully change some bad habits. After which, I’m sure new bad habits will form. But nonetheless, I’m proud to say I’m making progress. One step at a time.

Here are some motivational quotes about habits for you!

“Your beliefs become your thoughts,
Your thoughts become your words,
Your words become your actions,
Your actions become your habits,
Your habits become your values,
Your values become your destiny.”
Mahatma Gandhi

“The chains of habit are too weak to be felt until they are too strong to be broken.”
Samuel Johnson

“Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.”
Jim Ryun

“Enthusiasm is the electricity of life. How do you get it? You act enthusiastic until you make it a habit.”
Gordon Parks

Healthy Apple Pie?



^That’s how excited I am about what just happened.

If you know me, then you know I love desserts. If you really know me, then you know I could literally eat an entire apple pie by myself in one sitting. So, going on this healthy lifestyle kick has shattered a little piece of my heart. The sugary, delicious, dessert piece to be exact.


Necessity is the mother invention. And I need me some apple pie.

The last few days I’ve been trying to find the best way to mix up my snacks so I don’t get bored. I’ve always loved sliced apples with lemon juice, then 2 days ago I thought…wait…let’s put some cinnamon on said apples and see what happens. That’s how my deliciously tart, apple with lemon & cinnamon snack was born. Yum!

Then, literally an hour ago, I thought….Vivi you brilliant woman, you! Make some “apple pie” innards. That’s your favorite part anyway! Yeees, yes, flakey crust is delicious, but come on! Everyone knows the pie guts are the best part.

Vivi: But how? How do I do this without using sugar and butter and all the things I love but can’t have?

Vivi’s Brain: Water. In a pan.

Vivi: Oh, hush, Brain, it can’t be that easy.

But it was….oooooh it was. And I am so happy.

Here’s how you do it:

  1. peel apples
  2. cut apple into thin (not too thin) slices
  3. put small pan (frying pan? I don’t know) on stove top. Half heat (5 out of 10 on my stove)
  4. small layer of water that barely covers the bottom of the pan
  5. add apples, lemon juice (1/2 lemon for me) and cinnamon to pan
  6. wait until apples look slightly cooked, browned, or until water completely evaporates
  7. EAT

It should only have a total of around 115 calories.

Some of you may be reading this going…oh Vivi, you poor, naive soul, I’ve known this for years. Everyone knows this.
Well, I don’t care. I’m claiming it as my delicious brain child and I am happy.

I’m going to work on a way to make this even more simple, aka, microwave. Nutmeg and other spices may also make an appearance.

Until then, if you try it let me know what you think or if you have other ideas, let me know!