Healthy Apple Pie?



^That’s how excited I am about what just happened.

If you know me, then you know I love desserts. If you really know me, then you know I could literally eat an entire apple pie by myself in one sitting. So, going on this healthy lifestyle kick has shattered a little piece of my heart. The sugary, delicious, dessert piece to be exact.


Necessity is the mother invention. And I need me some apple pie.

The last few days I’ve been trying to find the best way to mix up my snacks so I don’t get bored. I’ve always loved sliced apples with lemon juice, then 2 days ago I thought…wait…let’s put some cinnamon on said apples and see what happens. That’s how my deliciously tart, apple with lemon & cinnamon snack was born. Yum!

Then, literally an hour ago, I thought….Vivi you brilliant woman, you! Make some “apple pie” innards. That’s your favorite part anyway! Yeees, yes, flakey crust is delicious, but come on! Everyone knows the pie guts are the best part.

Vivi: But how? How do I do this without using sugar and butter and all the things I love but can’t have?

Vivi’s Brain: Water. In a pan.

Vivi: Oh, hush, Brain, it can’t be that easy.

But it was….oooooh it was. And I am so happy.

Here’s how you do it:

  1. peel apples
  2. cut apple into thin (not too thin) slices
  3. put small pan (frying pan? I don’t know) on stove top. Half heat (5 out of 10 on my stove)
  4. small layer of water that barely covers the bottom of the pan
  5. add apples, lemon juice (1/2 lemon for me) and cinnamon to pan
  6. wait until apples look slightly cooked, browned, or until water completely evaporates
  7. EAT

It should only have a total of around 115 calories.

Some of you may be reading this going…oh Vivi, you poor, naive soul, I’ve known this for years. Everyone knows this.
Well, I don’t care. I’m claiming it as my delicious brain child and I am happy.

I’m going to work on a way to make this even more simple, aka, microwave. Nutmeg and other spices may also make an appearance.

Until then, if you try it let me know what you think or if you have other ideas, let me know!


BAM! 3 down!



I love staying busy, but I love staying busy with things that get me closer to my goals. This week I worked on my first SAG gig of the year, and finished production on 2 videos for a John Maxwell conference. Oh, and since Jan 5th, I’ve lost 4 pounds!

What’s that mean? I’m doing pretty well with half of my goals…not so well with the others. I haven’t been reading the way I wanted, however, I did finish the Audiobook version of Gone Girl, so does that count? I figured maybe it did…or is that me being lazy about reading? I don’t know!!

The wedding photography circuit is not looking good so far. No additional weddings booked, so i’m 0/12 right now. *(I have a wedding in May, but I’m not including that one on the list since it was booked in fall 2014)

So, to sum it all up

  • Weight 4/12
  • Producing 2/12
  • Acting 1/12
  • Weddings 0/12
  • Reading ?/12

I’m excited about how it’s all starting off! But I’m not gonna lie, I’m a little anxious about what will happen around March or so. It almost feels like beginners luck right now. What if it slows down? I tend to get anxious when things slow down or look bleak, so hopefully it wont! But I know I can’t necessarily control that. Anyway, have a wonderful Monday and remember to #GitErDozen!


PS- The featured photo is a still from one of the shoots this week! Eee!

Week 2

This week has been freaking INSANE!

The good news is, I’m working on my first 2 out of 12 producing gigs. Yay! I also booked/will work on my first SAG gig of the year! YAAAAY!!!

The bad news is, my sleep pattern is so effed up. I’ve been having the weirdest dreams lately. Such as, a blonde kid in a red, plaid shirt lighting everything on fire while I try to run away. Yeah. Weird.

Aside from the weirdness, everything is going well. I’m very happy for the busyness and the work.

The one thing I learned this week?

The 2nd week of working out is the hardest. Because the 2nd week is when you realize this isn’t a fun thing to do every now and then. Ooooooh no! The 2nd week is when your brain says, wait WHAT?! We are doing this for the rest of our lives?? Like, it’s actually a lifestyle change?!

Yes, Brain. Yes. This is forever and once we get past week 2, we will be okay.

Bring it on, Week 3!

Production #1

So I’ve got my first (and potentially 2nd) paid producing gig. It’ll be all back to back before mid-February, so I’ve gotta get the gears going.

The first is a marketing video for a conference.

The second is a video that links to marriage advice/counseling. My friend, Phil, started this awesome non-profit called Marriage Pressure Points to help couples build a stronger approach to their marriage via positivity and communication. Whether you’re in a relationship or not, I highly recommend checking out the site!

I’ve also got another gig in the works with my friend, Carole. It’s the 3rd season of our web series, Bethany! Although, it’s not paid, it still technically counts as one of the dozen production gigs. Would counting all 8 episodes individually and saying I did 8 out of 12 be cheating? Lol.

Welp! Today is my first day “off” in a while, so I have to find the balance of working on pre-production for everything, planning for photography, working on acting stuff, and get the house in order.

But my body just wants to nap all day if I’m being completely honest…