Week 2

This week has been freaking INSANE!

The good news is, I’m working on my first 2 out of 12 producing gigs. Yay! I also booked/will work on my first SAG gig of the year! YAAAAY!!!

The bad news is, my sleep pattern is so effed up. I’ve been having the weirdest dreams lately. Such as, a blonde kid in a red, plaid shirt lighting everything on fire while I try to run away. Yeah. Weird.

Aside from the weirdness, everything is going well. I’m very happy for the busyness and the work.

The one thing I learned this week?

The 2nd week of working out is the hardest. Because the 2nd week is when you realize this isn’t a fun thing to do every now and then. Ooooooh no! The 2nd week is when your brain says, wait WHAT?! We are doing this for the rest of our lives?? Like, it’sĀ actually a lifestyle change?!

Yes, Brain. Yes. This is forever and once we get past week 2, we will be okay.

Bring it on, Week 3!


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