Production #1

So I’ve got my first (and potentially 2nd) paid producing gig. It’ll be all back to back before mid-February, so I’ve gotta get the gears going.

The first is a marketing video for a conference.

The second is a video that links to marriage advice/counseling. My friend, Phil, started this awesome non-profit called Marriage Pressure Points to help couples build a stronger approach to their marriage via positivity and communication. Whether you’re in a relationship or not, I highly recommend checking out the site!

I’ve also got another gig in the works with my friend, Carole. It’s the 3rd season of our web series, Bethany! Although, it’s not paid, it still technically counts as one of the dozen production gigs. Would counting all 8 episodes individually and saying I did 8 out of 12 be cheating? Lol.

Welp! Today is my first day “off” in a while, so I have to find the balance of working on pre-production for everything, planning for photography, working on acting stuff, and get the house in order.

But my body just wants to nap all day if I’m being completely honest…


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